On Bob Ross and unexpected inspiration

Sometimes, during the daytime, I keep the TV or radio on while I take care of my son.  I happened to have the channel on OPB when Bob Ross’ show came on.  As an overly serious high school art student, I thought that Bob Ross represented everything I hated about “art”.  Watching it as a somewhat more mature adult (and entrepreneur) made me realize the following things:

1. Bob Ross was capable of producing a sellable work in a half hour, not including prep and clean up.  That meant that if he painted for 8 hours a day, that’s 16 sellable products.  Not bad!

2. I actually learned a lot about brushwork.  I have never actually studied painting and didn’t realize there was so much you could do with so few tools.

3. He loved what he did!

I’m happy to say I got off my high horse and could appreciate what this man did.  No, he did not change the landscape of the art world forever, but yes, he did make an impact and got to do what he loved for a living.  And that’s pretty good.


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